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Momentum SX3i




The Momentum SX3i is a compact 2-way iso-baric loaded bookshelf/standmount design.

Don’t be fooled by this unassuming modesty - this is  
a real heavyweight contender with giant-killing credentials.
Here, the benefits of iso-baric bass loading combine with the significant virtues of a compact enclosure - to magnificent effect.

All of the drive units used in the Momentum models are
custom-made to Neat Acoustics’ designs.

The new SXT tweeter is one of the finest available at any price. This unit features an inverted anodised aluminium dome and heavy duty ferrite magnet. With a dynamic delivery of great insight, along with complete freedom from compression effects, it is also very easy to listen to for long periods without a trace of 'listener fatigue'.

Coupled with Neat's long established R2 & R3 6.5" doped paper cone mass/midrange unit, this is a combination made in heaven.

The close tolerance Mundorf MCap Supreme capacitors and chokes used in the hardwired crossover networks are, likewise, made to our exacting requirements by leading suppliers.

All of this technology is presented in attractive, room-friendly cabinets in a variety of finishes to match any décor.

More importantly, the Momentum SX3i is capable of delivering a compelling musical experience where it really

matters – in the listening room.



Size (hxwxd)

38 x 22 x 27cm


10Kg each


6 Ohms
(minimum 4 Ohms)


87dB/1 watt


2-way iso-baric bass reflex.










The representations above are for guidance only.
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Specification may be subject to change without notice.

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